The brand which combines the world of the avantgarde with the high-quality Italian tailoring.

Lines drawn for those who love being unique and want to stand out. For those who desire to dare, with style and refined elegance.


A stylish project by Andrea Posniak, who divides his time between Italy and the United States.

In Italy Andrea makes his first steps into the family business which deals in the manufacturing of circular knitting machines.

This is just the beginning of a journey which leads him to follow his entrepreneurial dream and create the brand Joe Yellino.

The following chapter takes him to the USA, where he mixes in unconventional music environments, that become a strong source of inspiration for the exclusive and valuable tracksuits he personally designs.

Amongst the first who wore them: Stevie Wonder, Robert Downey JR, Steve Aoki, Maluma and Swae Lee certainly stand out.

In Italian the word “gioiellino”, which gave origin to the brand’s name Joe Yellino, means “little jewel”.

The iconic element of Joe Yellino’s tracksuits are indeed Swarovski jewels, which embellish every outfit, making those who wear the brand stick out.